This Sunday the El Grupo team will be leading the first lap of “Ride On, Tucson” with Patrick Dempsey, Tom Danielson and Peter Flax of Bicycling Magazine! .  The event will take place from 1-4 this Sunday, Jan. 20th.  We need some help manning the El Grupo information table from 12-4.  We will have a table in the Expo area at Amory Park (next to Strider Adventure Zone!) and could use some help there. If parents are willing to take a  1-hour shift (2 people per shift) it would be ideal. Our job will be to  inform people of El Grupo and hand out fliers for the upcoming Volunteer/Mentor orientation, Kidical Mass rides, and more. Please let me know if you can help!

I cannot ride and can work  a 2 hour shift from 12-2.  Greg, Chloe’s dad has also volunteered to help.  Greg, I’ll put you down from 12-1.  Please respond on the blog or to “all” on email so we do not over-fill the available slots.

Here are the shifts we need covered:

12-1:00  Mary and Greg         1-2:00  Mary             2-3:00          3-4:00        Clean up 4-4:30

Thanks so much for your help



2 Responses to “Parents: We need your help this Sunday from 12-4”

  1. Mary Adkisson

    Thanks everyone for your quick responses! We have all of the shifts coverd for this Sunday except for 4-4:30 for clean up.

  2. Mary Adkisson

    Hi all,
    Here is the schedule for the El Grupo booth on Sunday. We received information that the event runs til 4 but that we can begin breaking down the booths at 3:30 if there are not many people around.

    12-1:00- Mary Adkisson and Greg Welch
    1-2:00- Mary Adkisson and Kristi Thomas
    2-3:00- Kristi Thomas, Tom and Em Hill
    3-4:00- Chuck and Michelle Helmke
    3:30 Cathy Franklin and Sandra Bernal will check in to see if we need coverage,or help breaking down and cleaning up.

    If you aren’t on the schedule feel free to bring your bike and ride or join in the festivities going on. We do have several events coming up that will need lots of help. The 24 Hour race will be the big one. That is the weekend of Feb. 15-17 so mark your calendars. There will be a meeting for that next Sunday, Jan. 24th at 3:00.

    See you on Sunday! Thanks everyone!