First I want to thank all riders for a great week of practice. This week went perfect, and I as coach always hope them to. Selfishly of course I always want perfect practices, but life does not cooperate at times. This week it did!


Thanks Everyone!!


Saturday 26th

A team– Old Man Shoot Out. 7:15am We get back a bit earlier and some of us have been sick, while others will be working.


B+C team– Morning ride led by Colin. Leave the clubhouse at 7:30am sharp. At 7:32 you are late.


We don’t like late!!


Projection is for a 2 hour ride.


Sunday 27th

Last pre-ride of the 24 Hour course.  Only those riding in the race are expected to come.


Just one lap though.




Team Meeting in the afternoon!!! 3pm at Spoke6 (same building as clubhouse). Mandatory for ALL. Thanks!

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  1. Mary Adkisson

    What time are you leaving tomorrow morning for 24 Hr course?