First race we are in starts at 8:50am. That is the mens 4 race. Those of you entered for that, and you know who you are, need to be at the start no later than 7:30am.


We should all be there at the start then to watch and learn if we can.


So I want all racers at the course location between 7:30am and 8am.


Everyone is racing. To have fun of course. All youth on El Grupo have been entered and I would like to be at the location between 7:30 am and 8:00am.


I always like to arrive to races two hours early. That gives us plenty of time to warm up, use the bathroom, get our numbers on, roll out and all the rest.


I will be leaving the clubhouse at 7:15am if anyone needs to come in and get their bikes, I can also help you get your bike on Friday after school if this makes your life and Saturday morning easier.


Please bring a change of clothes with you in a back pack. It may be cold in the morning and after your race you might want to change to get comfortable. Really just bring a bag with things that might help you have a more comfortable day and race experience.


We have been practicing down at this course, so we should have confidence and know that we can have fun.


First race Men 4 at 8:50


Second race All ladies and gentleman who’s racing age is 14 and under. Your race will be 20 minutes long.

Race Start at 9:30am.


Third race all boys who’s racing age is 15-18. 20 minute race, starts at 10am.


The team will provide, plenty of water, snacks, gu’s, shade, cheering, trainers, and enthusiasm.


Please ask whatever questions you need.


Full team kits, uniforms, are mandatory.


The course is at Kino and 36th st. Here is a link with all the info:


And as always all race information for this one and all upcoming and past can be found at:


Sunday MTB


8am start. Sweetwater one last time before the 24. We just get so much bang for the buck out there. Only those riding in the 24 are expected


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