This week we are moving into Steady State intervals, or Lactate threshold work.


Last week was were off so we should be feeling fresh and ready to work.


Those of you that have put in the huge base miles over the last few months will soon learn why you did it, and will be very pleased. You have a full breath of endurance behind you and now we are trying to kick it up a few notches.


Tuesday Practice:


B+C teams will be at O2 doing trainer work outs. 4:30-6pm ish. Please if you like get picked up at O2 to get home on time.


A team– Will be doing 3x 10 min intervals with 5 min rest out at Starr Pass or on the TBC circuit




A Team– At O2  3:34 -6pm


B+C team- Crit Practice at U of A race course




A Team– Steady state ride


B+C– Crit Practice




B+C — AM ride. Start at 7:30am sharp from the Clubhouse .


A Team or others who like we will be heading to Phoenix for a Crit race. If you want to do it you must post as much to this blog post. You must input a response by noon Wednesday, and I can only take 10 total.



Sunday– Daniela will be sending out a very important email in regards to a mandatory event. It is mandatory that you participate in the event this Sunday. Big deal. BE AWARE!!!  11am to 4pm so do your homework accordingly.


6 Responses to “Week of January 14th Training Plan”

  1. Ben Duncan

    I am very interested in doing the crit on Saturday. Count me in. You mentioned us being there early on Tuesday. necessary?
    Thanks, Ben

  2. daniela

    For the upcoming 3 weeks, Ben, it would be best if you and the rest of the A team could start at 4ish. The bit of extra time will be helpful. Of course, school and homework permitting. So yes A team, I would like for your practice to start at 4pm.