I was thinking today that I have not made a post about the greatest event in the whole world.


Then I realized that I do not have to, because we all lived it, breathed it, bled it, experienced it.


I do not have to tell you about the courage of Sam, that after getting thrown into a cactus one lap, gets back on and rides another.


You lived it.


I do not have to tell you about Colter getting of his death bed, sick for two weeks, in the doctors office with tubes in his mouth one day, and the next going so fast that his adult chaperone is unable to keep up with him.


You lived it.


I do have to tell you about Cara who just learned to mountain bike and rode three laps and rode at night for her first time.


I do not have to tell you about how amazing of a parent, loved one, network that came together to make the whole event work.


You know how amazing every handler was, you know how amazing the Harris family and Adkisson family and every other family on this team is, and was.


You know the story about Leo on his last lap putting in an effort for the ages that left him gasping and panting.


Every kid, parent, loved one, and supporter of El Grupo has their story and they are all beautiful. This event is the greatest micro cosim of what El Grupo is. Everything we are about gets stuffed into this one beautiful event and I am honored to have the experience with such a wonderful community.


Thank you to everyone. Thank you. This event provides me with all the energy I need to go another year.


I can not wait to go after it again next year, stronger, smarter and prouder.