LOTS of fun racing and great weather coming up this weekend! They will be somewhat early mornings, but hopefully not too chilly – and again, lots of FUN! That is, after all, why we ride bikes!!


Saturday – Crit Race


Start times are as follows: 

Girls 10-14: 8:50am

Girls 15-18: 9:15am

Boys 10-14: 9:45am

Boys 15-18: 10:10am


ALL GIRLS – leaving the clubhouse at 6:45am to DRIVE TO LOCATION & arrive there by 7:30am  to warm up

ALL BOYS – leaving the clubhouse at 7:00am to RIDE TO LOCATION & arrive there by 8am or so


The team van will drive back to the clubhouse – others are welcome to leave with parents as needed after racing. Lots of opportunities for cheering on your teammates.



Sunday, Road Race


ALL cyclist driving to the start of the Colossal Cave Road Race – coming from Tucson are to turn RIGHT on Camino Loma Alta (traveling opposite the race goes) to Colossal Cave Road then make a LEFT heading East.  THERE WILL NOT CARS ALLOWED ON PISTOL HILLS from Old Spanish Trail.  This is for safety and less congestion.
Those coming from the motel or I-10 will use Exit 279 (Vail/Wentworth) North/East 6.5 miles on Colossal Cave Road. 
Start Times: All Juniors race in 1st Wave starting at 7:45am. ALL LEAVING THE CLUBHOUSE AT 6AM – please arrive by 5:45am to load up bikes!
**We will need extra drivers to get us all there, please. Comment if you are planning on going as a parent/driver. Thanks!
LOTS more info can be found on the event website
Please let us know your questions and if you are NOT planning on meeting at the clubhouse either day on the way to the races so we can plan accordingly.

8 Responses to “Logistics for Colossal Cave Races THIS Weekend”

  1. Mary Adkisson

    We’ll be going out but leaving from home if that is ok. Also, we are missing 3 milk crates from the 24 Hour Race. Has anyone seen them?

  2. daniela

    From Cara & Leo’s mom:
    I can drive 7 kids out to Colossal Cave on Sunday from the club house. I will have to leave to go to work and others will have to bring them home.

  3. Nick Harris

    We will be doing wheel support. If you still need riders brought out we can do that. Or we can bring 4 people and 4 bikes back. 🙂 Harris family….

  4. Ana

    I will leave my house at 6am, so I will be there a little earlier

  5. madison

    We are meeting at the clubhouse. We can take two other people and one bike.