One thing I missed on the gear list. Everyone coming up please bring one gallon of water.


Everyone coming up bring one gallon of water.


Also please post when you are coming up. We need to coordinate cars. If every family drivers there is absolutely no chance that you will park anywhere near our camp. Carpooling is a must. There is not any where close to enough room for every family to drive. Please do not plan on this.


I am starting to get nervous that most are planning to drive themselves. This will not work.


Please post your plans.

36 Responses to “More 24 Hour news”

  1. Logan

    I will also be going up on friday after school. However, I am looking for a ride. I am going to talk to daniel and/or Nick today to see what their plans are.

  2. TBC Steve

    As posted earlier, I am leaving Friday am and cn bring 2-3 riders and supplies as needed in my truck.
    my cell is 403-3106

  3. Nick Harris

    I (Jessica- Nick’s Mom) will be leaving Friday after school 4:30 from the clubhouse I can fit 5 people+gear and will be leaving my car at the hospital off Tangerine, then we will be picked up by the Team van or our other suburban to the 24hr site so we do not have any more vehicles out there. Space is very tight!
    My cell is 275-3283

  4. tylers mom aka rane

    I will be out there sometime on Saturday late afternoon, in plenty of time for my 7pm “kitchen” shift. I am being dropped off near the highway and will bike in. Biking back out on Sunday morning to be picked up near the highway again if anyone needs a ride back to town on Sunday earlier than the mass exodus later in the day.

  5. Chloe Welch

    YES I figured out how to leave a reply, okay so yes I do need a ride. I would like to leave on Friday… um so Nick?? or Daniel?? which ever car has room.

  6. Liam Murray

    I will need the following items for the trip:
    Sleeping bag
    Sleeping mat
    I think you already know that but i’m just making sure.

  7. Lanning Household

    Bob and Cole are going out of Friday afternoon at 4:30-5 p.m. and Kate is coming out early Saturday morning. Bob and Cole can either ride with someone else or drive out and take 3 more people. Kate is coming out early Saturday morning and am going to park car and ride bike in. If anyone wants to ride with Kate – I can take one more bike but a three more riders. 623-5736

  8. Lanning Household

    Bob and Cole will meet up with Jessica and Nick at the clubhouse on Friday afternoon and ride with them. One less car! Does anyone want to go up early Saturday morning? Kate

  9. christianM

    I will be heading up Thursday after school, can I get an idea of what time we are leaving?

  10. Leo

    Cara would like to head up Thursday if there is room. Leo will be riding with Chris ONeill and Isabel H on Friday morning. The truck is full at this point. maybe we could fit one person without gear. I will be coming up with Margaret Saturday afternoon. We will park and ride our bikes in. We have room for many more people and 4 bikes. I will be leaving central Tucson around 12. I have on pick up at Ina and Silverbell at 1p. Anyone needing a ride call 909-5201. Sherman

  11. annchanecka

    Hey all, I am really hoping to get a ride Friday afternoon/evening up to the race. I am an El Grupo fan and have never been to race before! My phone number is 444-1187. I will give Jessica a call tomorrow to see if she has room as her departure time/location would be great for me. But, if that doesn’t work I’m still looking! Thanks!

  12. ConDog

    I am going up Friday afternoon. Planning on going up with Tyler and Jim

  13. kyle

    I ( Michelle) have to go Saturday morning. I can go with Kate but I can’t bike in due to bringing supplies. I have to go really early 🙂

  14. Lanning Household

    Michelle what time do you want to go. I am open and I have my CRV so there is plenty of room for stuff.Kate

  15. Leo

    Leo’s dad – anyone going up Thurs after school? Anyroom? Leaving from where and when??? Would like to get Cara up there Thursday if anyone has room

  16. daniela

    Chris, I do not have your phone number. Cara can come up with us tonight. We are leaving the clubhouse around 4pm ish. Please feel free to call me.

  17. Lizzy

    I posted earlier also, but I’m coming up Friday after school. I get out of school at 12:40. I can be available to go whenever there is a ride available. And the only thing I need is a sleeping mat. Thanks!


  18. TBC Steve

    Leaving the clubhouse around 8:00+ with Chloe if anyone want to join me for a ride. Have some supplies and will be bring ice for Harris family supplies and water, tarp, etc.
    Lizzy-I have a spare mat,kinda thin but it works. Will bring it.

  19. moze

    need a ride friday after school, will be bringing, tent sleeping bag, sleeping mat, and small duffel.

  20. TBC Steve

    Move my departure up to 9:00am Friday ..too many errands to run before leaving. I will bring up some of the bikes in the clubhouse that ar set aside for me…have room for a rider and bike if you want to join me.

  21. SwimJim

    Tyler and I are leaving town at 1:30pm Friday. We can meet anyone who needs a ride on the NW side of town around 2pm-ish. Let me know 520-401-7986.

  22. Lanning Household

    Moze, Bob and Cole are riding up with Jessica and meeting her at the club house at 4:30. He thinks there is room for you also. If not he is willing to help you get up there.

  23. trywell

    Hi Chloe’s Dad Greg here I’ll be riding a motorcycle in Sat. morning to help out at the camp and be a handler & general helper 🙂

  24. Nick Harris

    Can Moze or Lizzy get a ride with Jim? I am up to 10 people if I take both. I can take 9 Max. I will get final head count in the am. I will update to let you know for sure. Thanks! Jessica

  25. Lanning Household

    Michelle can you call or make a note today or tonight so we can figure out when we are leaving on Saturday morning. Early, but how early? And will your bike already be up there? Kate

  26. Lizzy

    Great! I’ll see you at the clubhouse at 4:30, then. Thank you so much!