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Saturday the 9th


7:15 am A Team ride. Old Man Shoot Out. As a good warm up for the race on Sunday. We will be turning at the bridge. Just a good warm up.


7:30am B+C Team ride. Same course. Have fun attacking each other and challenging your self and teammates. This ride is for those not doing the 24 hour race. (except you Liz and Chloe 🙂


9:30am ish meet at the Mercado San Augustin on Congress street for a KIDICALL MASS. Everyone is expected. Your ride might just meet here so be prepared for that.


El Grupo will have snacks and food for you at the Mercado for after your ride. If you want a change of clothes coordinate with your parents or loved ones to do so.


If you are riding the 24 hour race and do not want to ride both days. That is ok. KIDICALL MASS is mandatory though.


After KIDICALL MASS those doing the Sunday race will come back to my house for lunch and to pack. I hope to leave at 2pm,no later.


Sunday 10th


8am meeting time at the Clubhouse for all of those that are doing the 24 hour race.


You will go up to the course and you will start to prepare our camp. Set up some tents and drop things off.


You will then have time to ride a lap. So dress for both. I would say go out in street clothes, with a bag packed with riding gear. That way you can be comfortable. Also two pairs of shoes. One riding pair and one cycling pair.  Everything you bring should fit in a back pack.


Lastly those going up to the 24 hour course, you must bring a lunch with you.


Return time will be approx. 2:30 pm ish.


Post and all questions. Thanks for everyone’s support, help, and love. We will be as great as our teamwork allows.

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  1. TBC Steve

    Would love to come out and help/ride the 24hr course Sunday but have family commitments here in Tucson later in the am.