Looking at the weather for this week, has me changing around a few things, so please read below.


Tuesday- Recovery Ride. No Spandex. Maybe we will even head to a park to play.


Wednesday- It seems, for sure, that it is going to rain, so I am going to say no cycling practice.

However lets all meet at the clubhouse from 5pm to 6:30pm to drop off 24 hour equipment, and such.


Thursday– U of A Crit course training. If anyone is getting tired of this please let me know.

This will start at 4pm, so as to make life on the volunteers easier.


Saturday– Shoot Out, Big boy or Old Man— Your choice. Or your teams morning ride, 7:30 am start.


Sunday– I will figure out how to get us all to the Colossal Cave race course.

4 Responses to “Schedule for Week of February the 18th”

  1. dglick

    I will be doing the “big boy” shootout tomorrow. I will meet the ride at University and 9th Ave. Find me during the rollout and we can make a plan for the ride. I’ll be in my Landis kit.