Thank you to all the riders, coaches, loved ones, and parents who went out to the course this past weekend and helped get camp started. Things look great. THANK YOU!!


I went out today and put up more tents with Daniela, and was able to drop off a few more things. We are looking good.


I will have gear lists printed out for each rider tomorrow. Make sure riders, that you bring them home.


All MOUNTAIN BIKES MUST BE AT THE CLUBHOUSE TOMORROW. I want to go over all of them and get slimed tubes in everyone’s bike. So please bring your bikes.


Lastly for the 24 Hour Race. Please post when you are going to be leaving or when you want to leave. I want to start to get a handle on cars needed, when, and on what days.


So please leave a comment!


Practice this week:


Tuesday: Non- 24 racers You will be doing hill repeat intervals.

24 hour Racers– Recovery Ride


Wednesday: Fixed Loop with 4 X 10 min intervals.  A good wake up.


Thursday: I will be heading out to the course after school. Those in town, I will find coaches to take those not racing out for a ride. If you would like to comment on a workout that you would like to do. Let me know.



This weekend is going to be great. Start dreaming.







9 Responses to “Week of Feb. 11th and 24 Hour News”

  1. Liz H

    Collin Hanes and family will be heading up at 3p on Friday. We can take 2 more peoples and any gear in the truck.

  2. kyle

    i would like to head up thursday after school- my dad will have a lot of room in the truck as usual

  3. Lizzy

    I’ll be heading up on Friday after school whenever there is a ride. Also, I am in need of a sleeping mat. Thank you!


  4. Leo

    My family will be going up on Thursday after school, we can take one person with all their gear.

  5. Leo

    Change of plans, my family will be heading out early friday morning; 6ish.

  6. TBC Steve

    I will be coming out Friday am..can leave the clubhouse after 8:00. I can take 2-3 riders and what ever supplies will fit in my truck! My cell is 403-3106. Go EG Team #4..we are gonna rock it!

  7. Lanning Household

    Bob and Cole are going out of Friday afternoon and Kate is coming out early Saturday morning. Bob and Cole can either ride with someone else or drive our and take 3 more people. I am coming out early Saturday morning and am going to park car and ride bike in. If anyone wants to ride with me I could take one more bike but a three more riders. 623-5736

  8. sam A.

    We are leaving in 5 minutes from the other side of tucson. Sorry but we cannot take any other riders or gear.