Congratulations to everyone who raced, coached, cheered, helped, and supported El Grupo. We had an amazing weekend at the races, and I am so proud of the whole team.


Thank you everyone for a great weekend.


This week will be a recovery week. For the last 3 weeks we have been training very hard and at this point we should be tired. If you did it “right” you should be tired both mentally and physically from these last 3 weeks. So this week we then rest.


Rest is both mentally and physically from the bike. This is a great week to get caught up in school, friends and family.


Tuesday- No spandex skills at the park. I do hope that everyone attends that can. These skills day are of course fun, but they are very useful in our development. We learn to handle our bikes better and thus have greater confidence when riding in a group.

BONUS: We will have an amazing couple come speak with us who is legally blind riding and riding a tandem from Argentina to Alaska!!!


Also ladies I would like to find you cycling shoes on this day for you to practice with.


Wednesday– No practice. Rest physically and mentally. Ladies practice at home with your new shoes and cleats.


Thursday– U of A crit practice. Back down to our “basketball court” to practice what we learned in the park. This will be less intensity and more practice.


Saturday- Morning rides. THEN ALL GO TO KIDICAL MASS!! Kidical Mass will be from 10am-12pm starting/ending at Mercardo San Agustin (West Congress near A mountain). All rides can end there, we will have some snacks available, and you will be responsible for keeping the family-friendly ride safe and fun. That means, you will split up along the front, outside and back of the ride to make sure all kids stay together.  This is mandatory!


After the ride we will be getting things together to go camping for the night in Phoenix by the Mc Dowell Mountains. I hope to leave by 2pm.


Mc Dowell Race. There is a race on Sunday in Phoenix. It starts quite early so we are going to camp to make it work. It is a circuit race, a long crit if you will. I am going to open this up to anyone who asks. Please let me know via a comment if you want to attend and if you would like to do 2 races, for those that have that option. Also parents if you plan on coming please let me know so we can plan accordingly.


All info for the race can be found here:


We should be back from this race at approx. 2pm.


Sunday– For those not going to the race. Coach Christian and a few other parents are going to be heading up to the 24 hour course. They are hoping to set up some tents and equipment  for camp the following week, and then to ride a lap. If you have gear that you are going to be contributing to the effort that is the 24 hour race please coordinate with John Adkisson and Ron Harris. I imagine they are going to want to leave the clubhouse around 9am.


Rest weeks are critical. If they are not honored you will enter your next training block tired and unable to perform the practices. This is a recipe for burn out. So please honor the rest week. Do not try and go out and do secret training. You will just fry yourself. REST!!! I promise there will be more hard work to come and much more fun!!



5 Responses to “Week Of February 4th”

  1. Ben Duncan

    I also, would like to be signed up for both the Cat. 4 and Juniors race at Mcdowell. Thanks.

  2. danielson

    I also, would like to be signed up for both the Cat. 4 and Juniors race at Mcdowell. Thanks.

  3. keenan

    I also, would like to be signed up for both the Cat. 4 and Juniors race at Mcdowell. Thanks.