For many of you that were able to get out of town and go on a great vacation, Welcome back! This week you will be blowing the dust off and then resting into the weekend for some fun races.


For those of you that were in town, lucky you, you got some great training in. This week you will be finishing off this training block and also resting into the weekend races.


Tuesday– A team I need you to be ready to start at 4pm. You are doing 4X10 at the Back of Gates pass.

B+C team leaving at 4:30 we are heading over to A mtn for some fun repeats.


Wednesday– We all will be heading to 36th st to practice our up hill sprints.


Thursday– Skills at Park.


Saturday– Crit race in Oro Valley. Please be aware of the blog for more info.


Sunday– Road Race in Vail by the entrance of Colossal Cave.





San Dimas– I have made decisions on who I think is going. Verify with me on tuesday if you  want to go.


Whiskey– I need to hand in registration forms on thursday and a check. So to those of you that want to do this and think they have earned the right. Ask me tomorrow.


Gila– I will be entering us this week. If you want to go and think you have made the cut, ask me.



Please post about what races you want to do.


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