Wednesday the 27th of March– 3:45- 6pm. Recovery Ride. Those of us coming back need to just move and those of you who rode the Lemmon need to do the same.


Thursday– Those on Spring break that would like are invited to ride up the mountain. I will be leaving at 7:00am from the clubhouse. Be at Udall at 7:30am if that is what you do.


All others who are not on Spring Break we will have practice at the regular time.


Also on Thursday a movie called Single Track High is going to be showing at Epic Rides. I would like for everyone to see this movie. Please prioritize seeing this movie over practice. So if you have to choose one, please go to the movie, and bring family and friends. Especially friends that you think might be interested in riding bikes. Epic Rides is now on Stone avenue right around the corner from us. Exact location is : 534 N. Stone Ave– just north of 6th st.


Saturday– No Racing.

Shoot Out and Old Man or your morning ride – 7am start times.


Sunday– Mt. Lemmon   7:00am start time

2 Responses to “Practice Schedule”

  1. TBC Steve

    I will be at the clubhouse @ 4:30 for those who want to practice and I am planning on going to the movie at Epic Rides. Practice will return to the clubhouse at 5:45 sharp!