This Saturday the first bike race on the National Racing Calender for the Professionals is taking place in downtown.


We are going to be able to race on the same course in the morning.


I will be at the location at 6am setting up and getting things ready. I will be just west of the Scottish temple on Scott, on Stone avenue in a large parking lot. I will have the large red van, tents, tables, trainers, and all the fixings.


Juniors 10-14 start at 7:30am. Please be at the race at 6:00am


Juniors 15-16 start at 7:50am. Please be at the race at 6:15am.


Women 3-4 start at 8:45am. Please be at the race at 7am


Men 4-5 start at 9:20am. Please be at the race at 7:30am.


Men 3-4 start at 10:35am. You will all already be at the race.


After the races go home. Get some rest. Or go eat lunch downtown.


Then be back at the race course at 4pm.


El Grupo will be leading a community bike parade at the course at 5pm. Just like a Kidicall Mass ride without having to worry about cars.


Then the Pro women go off at 6pm and the Pro men at 8pm. I do really hope that all family members and riders attend. These are the fastest Pro’s in the US racing in our town, in a race put on by one of our sponsors, so please come out and enjoy the show.



3 Responses to “Presidio Crit Saturday March 9th”

  1. Ben S.

    I need to get my bike from the clubhouse. When is a good time to do so.

  2. Chloe Welch

    Oh can you also bring a helmet, I believe someone accidently took my helmet on Thursday.