Friday is the Time Trial for this event. It is taking place at McCain’s loop which is a road on the west side of the Tucson Mountains. The staging area for this is the Old Tucson Studios.


All start times can be found here:


Everyone who is racing in a junior category I would like for you to be at the clubhouse at 11am if you want a ride.


If you do not want a ride or need one then please meet me at Old Tucson Studios at 12 noon sharp.


Category riders– You all need to be at the start at 1pm at the latest. However if you need a ride to the start then be at the clubhouse at 11am as well.


Parents I totally am going to need help transporting all the kids and bikes at 11am, if every kid is to need a ride.


So parents please let me know if you can help, or if you are going to just meet us out there.



However all information for the race can be found here:



Saturday Information


Start times as follows:


Women 4/35+ 7:10 40 2 This is for Maya and Lizzy

Jr. 15-16 7:15    40miles     2laps
Jr. 13-14 7:18     20miles     1lap
Jr. 10-12 7:20    12                 .6  lap


This race is staging out of Green Valley and I would like for all riders to be at the start an hour early.


So that means we need to be in Green Valley by 6:15am, and so we should leave town at 5:30am. I will be at the clubhouse at 5;15 am ready to pack up.


Again if you are going down with your parents please let me know.


Category Riders


Men 4      9:35     60miles    3 laps


That means we need to be there at 8:30 at the latest. We should be leaving town at 7:45 at the latest. So lets meet at the clubhouse at 7:15am.


I will actually be in Green Valley already so I need 2 parents to take 7 kids and bikes down to the start at these proposed times.


Any takers?






16 Responses to “TBC Friday and Saturday information”

  1. Nick Harris

    We can take 4 riders and bikes on Sat. At 7:45am 🙂 ~Harris family

  2. Leo

    I should be at the clubhouse at 11:10 at the latest tomorrow. I will be able to take 5 extra kids plus Leo and Cara and 4 bikes total to Tucson Studios.
    Sherm 909-5201

  3. Ben S.

    I need a ride on Saturday, I can be at the clubhouse at 5:15.

  4. Mary Adkisson

    We will be driving out to do wheel support so Connor will ride with us on Sat..

  5. Ben Duncan

    I am looking for a ride out to the race on saturday. Is anyone driving out here (prior to the 4’s race) (e.g. nick, tyler) and if so, do they have room for more (keenan and i)?

  6. Nick Harris

    CORRECTION 🙂 Cat 4 riders ..please let us know if you need a ride we will be at the clubhouse at 7:15am

  7. Lanning Household

    Cole will be there at 5:15. We can drive down and take 3 other riders and two bikes. Or he can go in the van. Kate

  8. Chloe Welch

    I will be at the clubhouse bright and early on saturday at 5:15. Night night everyone!

  9. Lizzy

    Kyle and I will drive up in the morning. We could take two riders, no bikes back if anyone needs it. But not on the way out. Sleep tight, everyone!