We will use Tuesday and Wednesday to recover and spin the legs out – keeping the body moving, but not putting it under any stress. Depending on how we are all feeling, Thursday should be more spinning with two short efforts to “wake up” the body again. And then it is off to the races on Friday!! But before then…


Wednesday – from 5:30 – 6:15pm – SECOND CHANCE to purchase additional El Grupo jersey, shorts/bibs, and vest. You will quickly learn this coming weekend that having a second jersey and shorts (and yes, you really do need to race THIS YEAR’S team kit every day!) will come in handy. Be prepared to do some laundry regardless!

Jerseys: $40

Men’s Bibs: $60

Women’s Shorts: $55

Vests: $45



Friday – Time Trial.  Start times are not available yet. However, we should plan on the following rough schedule:

All women (racing category): Be there by 10am. Start time +/- NOON

All Juniors (racing juniors): Be there by 12. Start time +/- 2pm

All Men Cat 4 and above: Be there by 1pm. Start time +/- 3pm



This means we will need you to check the blog and respond later this week. We will most certainly need help getting riders out to Old Tucson Studios (where we park & warm up) and help getting numbers on, etc from parents & volunteers.  Thank you in advance for helping this all run smoothly!


Saturday – Road Race – Green Valley – early morning!! Carpooling will group up based on which wave you race in.

Sunday – Circuit Race – Pima College West – great for spectating! Riders will be encouraged to ride up to the start line together, leaving from the clubhouse.


Tons of more info can be found in the Race Bible – READ IT PLEASE!! – and check back here for more details on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

7 Responses to “The week & Tucson Bicycle Classic!”

  1. Ana

    I am sorry I could not make it today. I got to the clubhouse a bit late. I will be there tomorrow

  2. Collin J. Hanes

    On friday tusd hssnthe day off but I don’t go to tusd so I get out at 12. Is this a problem?

  3. Lanning Household

    Do you need to be there on Friday to particate in Sat and Sun? Cole has school all day Friday.

  4. ConDog

    You have to complete each stage of the race to do the next so unfortunately Cole may have to miss some school.

  5. Mary Adkisson

    Hi all,
    The folks putting on the race are still in need of wheel support and corner marshalls for the various races on Sat. and Sunday. If you are able, please go to their volunteer site to see if you can help out. Remember: proceeds from this race go to support El Grupo so we really need to help them out if we can.
    Here is the link:

  6. Leo

    Chris ONeill, Will drive/sling wheels as needed for Sat morning shift. signed up on volunteer web site already..