Congratulations to all of the kids and parents for representing El Grupo so well this weekend.  Once again, we heard stories from other riders and teams about what great competitors our kids are, as well as, how positive and helpful they are which is a huge compliment to the coaches and parents (to the kids too).

In 2 weeks, the Tucson Bike Classic will take place.  El Grupo is one of the beneficiaries of this event.  In return for their support the TBC committee asks that we help run the event by volunteering for various positions.  I have worked as a volunteer in most of the positions posted for this event and all are fairly easy and fun.   They also put you right near the action and/or provide an opportunity to interact with other riders.  Plus, all volunteers get a cool T-shirt.

Here are the times and shifts we need to cover for the Juniors:

March 15, 2013 Time trial (around 2 pm)
             – Volunteer 1st shift
March 16, 2013 Road Race (around 7 am – four junior categories)
             – (3) drivers & slingers Volunteer 1st shift
               (1) drivers & slingers Volunteer 2nd shift
March 17, 2013 Circuit Race (around 8:45 am – four junior categories

– (4) drivers & slingers Volunteer 2nd shift

They have not asked us to work as corner marshals on Sat. and Sun. but there are quite a few positions not covered yet and it would be great if we could help them out.

Here is the link to get you to the volunteer page for this great event.  There is a brief description of each job available on the site.

Another date to put on your calendar is April 21.  El Grupo will be hosting a big fundraiser that day and we will need lots of volunteers to pull it off.  Be looking for more information coming soon.

Thanks so much


3 Responses to “Volunteers needed for the Tucson Bike Classic March 15, 16, and 17th”

  1. TBC Steve

    Thanks Mary..I know it’s been a long haul for the parents with the 24HROP and recent races but we really need your help. Sue, our awesome volunteer coordinator can find tasks for yoiu but we really ned help with support drivers, wheel slingers, corner marshalls, etc. THANKS!

  2. TBC Steve

    If parents want to drive support for Junior cats, please contact the TBC volunteer coordinator Sue Caucutt @ (520) 591-3170 or email her at:

  3. Leo

    Do I need to be an “experienced volunteer” to drive/sling?? The job description on the volunteer web site suggested this. Also, are the jobs in Mary’s letter above the same as those listed on the volunteer website or are these extra jobs?
    Chris O (Leo/Cara)