Congratulations to all for having survived the TBC weekend, and thank you to all the family and loved one’s support for helping make it happen. It certainly takes every member of the team!!’


Practice and Event Schedule:


Tuesday: No Spandies– Skills at the park. This is a recovery day. Move the legs, loosen them up, have fun, and be with your friends.


Wednesday– Fixed Loop. This is an endurance ride to get us back in the groove and spin the legs back into shape. Not an attacking hard ride, but enough to get you tired and sweaty.


Thursday– At this point I will be leaving with the A Team to San Dimas, California. I am incredibly excited and proud to making this trip and I hope many of you are jealous in a good way. Every rider on the A Team has put forth incredible amounts of work to make it this point and I believe that every rider not going this year has the potential to one day get there.


So yes next year for San Dimas I hope to be taking a bigger group. As Yoda says “Do, or do not, there is no try!!’


I will have coaches on hand to take you all on a bike ride, most likely down to the U of A crit course.



Saturday– Kidical Mass. Everyone is expected to be there. 10am start at Catalina Park. 4th ave and 1st st. Be there at 9:30am please ready to help fit kids with helmets, round people up, encourage kids along, etc.


Sunday– 7:30am start. Mt Lemmon. I hope we have great attendance for the coaches on hand.



Please while I am away be on your best. Please make the other coaches feel welcome and appreciated as you do me, and help them do things the way we do them.

2 Responses to “Week of March 18th”

  1. TBC Steve

    I will be there for the Thursday ride but will be racing in the underground Dirty Bunny 100K mtb race Sunday am.

    Good luck to all of the badd ass boys and girls going to San Dimas!!