Congratulations to everyone that participated in the Colossal Cave races. I had a great time watching you all and am very impressed. I am super pleased as coach to see the determination, grit, and tenacity that you all showed this weekend, but most importantly there was some beautiful teamwork displayed all weekend. That more than anything makes me excited. To know that we are creating a network of kids that care about each other enough to look out for one another. Family.


This week we are continuing to get geared up and ready for the biggest in town bike race of the year. The Tucson Bicycle Classic. It is next week and some heavy competition from around the southwest is coming our way. That means we want to be at our best when folks come into our town.


So please start to do all the little things. Get to bed earlier, eat smarter, stay hydrated all the time, get your homework done early and don’t fall behind. The things add up to big things. They are the controllable easy things, so keep up with them. They equal less stress and more focus.


Tuesday– No spandies recovery ride. This will be a real recovery ride. Super chill in normal clothes around town.


Wednesday– Crit racing at the U of A course.


Thursday– TBC circuit race endurance laps.


Saturday– Presidio Crit race. Here in downtown. More will be posted about this great event in the days to come.


Sunday– A team mandatory– B+C team optional. McCains loop practice TT’s


Sunday– All Ladies you have a very special skills clinic that you are invited to. This is mandatory. It is being led by Erica Allar who is the defending National Crit champion. All ladies please be at the clubhouse at 8am. Also all mothers who would like to attend please do so, and let us know.


3 Responses to “Week of March the 4th”

  1. christianM

    I would very much like to race category 4 and junior category for presidio.