You all are AMAZING and WONDERFUL! El Grupo had such a successful weekend in so many, many ways. From great efforts to great results to impressive hours of volunteering by youth and parents (and siblings!) to impressive dollars raised through everyone working together. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!


A few honorary mentions, in addition:

1. Daniel for chasing down a delirious rider to get him water at Tumacacori.

2. Leo and Keenan (and maybe others?) for handing out their personal wheels at Tumacacori while corner marshalling to help unknown riders who had flatted

3. Jim Stites to sitting out at one corner for BOTH waves at Tumacacori.

4. Tyler for chanting “The bigger your smile, the faster you ride!” to racers and making them smile.

5. (New)Ben for stopping with his grandma to pick up a unknown rider in town who had double flatted and giving him a ride.


THANKS TO ALL – the baked goods, working the swap meet, helping with the races, getting ready for next weekend’s Scavenger Hunt…it is all so much and we are so, so very grateful for our amazing El Grupo family!



1. We need to know by Tuesday at 3pm whether or not you are racing in the AZ State Road Race on Saturday, April 20th. Those going will leave on FRIDAY as early as possible – yet to be determined. You will spend the night in Yarnell and race on Saturday morning – returning to Tucson “ideally” before 5pm. If you are planning on racing – please comment and indicate the earliest time you could leave on Friday.


2. Monday – this is late notice for today, but general notice for the future. Every Monday we will now have “Academic Support” hours from 5pm – 8pm at Spoke6 (next to clubhouse) with trained tutors – some of them alumni – to help with homework, college essays and apps, studying for tests/exams, and more. We have always said that school comes first and now we can back that up – and back you up! – thanks to a grant from Stone Canyon Community Foundation. Stay tuned for Friday Structured Mechanics workshops coming soon…


3. This week’s practices will be recovering from last weekend and prepping the body for next. Get yourself to practice! It does make a difference. It does pay off. It should help you manage your time well so you get your schoolwork done, too!


4. Our Bicycle Scavenger Hunt is on Sunday!!! We have fliers still that you can get out to folks – and you are still able to sign yourself up if you like. The expectation is that you are either signed up and doing it or volunteering!! Thanks!!


Once again, thank you to everyone. May is not far away…whew!


7 Responses to “Awesome feedback…now on to the next crazy week(end)!!”

  1. Ana

    I will go to the race on Saturday. The earliest I can leave is about 4:10pm

  2. Isabel Hausrath

    I will race Sarurday. 4:10 is the earliest i can leave also.

  3. Maya Collier

    I will race on Saturday and can leave a few minutes after 4 on Friday.

  4. madison

    I would like to do the race. I will need a ride. I can leave by 2:00 p.m.

  5. danielson

    I would like to do the road race. I can leave at 4:12ish.