FRIDAY: We will be leaving following school as close to 4:30pm as possible.  Please have your bags packed and ready to go so we can get on the road on time or earlier!


What to bring? – All your racing stuff – team kit, gloves, shoes, helmet, etc

Clothes to change into for the next day, pjs and showering stuff. We will be staying at Oak Park Motel in Yarnell, so no need for sleeping bags or pillows.


Please pack some food for the van on the way up – no junk food! We will be getting in late and have dinner there, but you will be hungry after school and should plan accordingly, please. Extra fruit and snacks will be available.


Scavenger Hunt – if you are wanting to sign up and do it, you should! Please don’t wait until the day  of because it causes more work and there will be an extra $10 procrastinator fee, yes even for you!


THANK YOU to all those who have signed up to volunteer. If you are planning on volunteering but have not signed up on the doodle calendar yet, then please do so ASAP here


P.S. And if you didn’t already have enough to do this weekend, there is the “Clips of Faith – Beer & Film Fest” at the Fox Theater starting at 6pm on Saturday night – some proceeds of which will benefit El Grupo. More info on that can be found here.

2 Responses to “Leaving Friday – & Scavenger Hunt Sunday!”

  1. Ben S.

    I have a question… I signed up for 8:00-12:00, my bike is at the clubhouse, am I supposed to meet at the clubhouse at 8:00. Or somewhere else?