The end of part 1 of the season is upon us. This brings us the biggest road event of the year for the A team and a great local event, the Mt. Lemmon time trial for the rest of the team.


Thank you every one for all your hard work this season. I am incredibly proud of how we have performed, the progression that we have all made, and the friendships that I hope have been solidified.


Wednesday– Practice is canceled. I am sorry. I do not have the coaches on hand.


Thursday– Fun ride. Coyote Pass. Really just for fun to get the legs rolling around and loose. Steve Bohn, David Glick and of course Justin Orkney should be on the ride.


Saturday– If you can get a ride in, do it. Find a teammate and go. Maybe someone wants to post a time and place to meet and any one who wants can go. Again this ride just needs to be enough to get the legs moving. I want you rested for Sunday.


Sunday– Mt Lemmon time trial. I am going to sign everyone up now. The first rider starts at 6:30am and after that another rider goes in 30 second intervals. As soon as I know the start times I will let everyone know, however everyone should plan on being at the start at 6:30am. More info is here:


Tuesday the 14th– We are going to get the clubhouse cleaned up and I need to make sure that everyone has a mountain bike. So please on this day let’s make sure that we all have mountain bikes.


Wednesday 15th– All first time mountain biker are going to ride with a master at Barrio Trials.

All others will go on an urban fun mountain bike ride.


Thursday– Tumamoc. Please families feel welcome to come. Also riders please bring real shoes.


In these next three weeks we are going to be doing a lot of cross training so please everyone be looking at the blog so you know what attire to come in. You will need running shoes and get wet attire these next three weeks.

3 Responses to “Practice week of April 29th and Beyond”

  1. Ana

    Sounds great! I will be able to go on Wednesday the 15th!! Cant wait to get my mountain bike 😀

  2. TBC Steve

    Checking on dates: Do you mean Tuesday the 7th of May, Wed the 8th?