Leaving Saturday in the AM at 6am.


I will be driving the van with the enclosed trailer. I do believe that I will need help getting kids up.


Last race finishes at Noon.


Eat lunch in Phoenix.


Leave around 1pm.


Arrive back in town approx. 3:30pm.


Race times and distances

10:10 AM Junior Boys 10-12 *
Junior Boys 13-14 *
30 min $10 $15 75
10:45 AM Junior Girls 10-12 *
Junior Girls 13-14 *
Junior Girls 15-16 *
Junior Girls 17-18 *
30 min $10 $15 75
11:20 AM Junior Boys 15-16 *
Junior Boys 17-18 *
30 min $10 $15 75



video from last years:



3 Responses to “State Crit Saturday”

  1. madison

    If there’s not enough room in the van, I can go with my mom and we can take others to the race but we are not coming back to Tucson until late at night because we are going to stay to watch swimming (Olympians) in Mesa at 5:00 p.m.

  2. Ana

    I will not go to the race. And the next two Saturdays, I will be able to do anything before 11am