Let’s make April a great month. We have 2 state championship races and 3 huge outreach events this month, it is after all bike month!!


Many of you are coming off of Spring Break and were off having fun with family and friends, which I am jealous of for sure. Now lets get back into it and get ready to attack this month and the great bike races before us.


I want awesome attendance this month so you can all achieve the goals you set out many months ago.


Tuesday– Endurance Ride


Wednesday– Endurance Ride


Thursday– Endurance Ride


We are doing all of these Endurance rides to get some miles and movement back into many of you who have been gone. This will re-engage us and get us ready for the next 3 weeks. For those that have been riding strong, these rides will feel like recovery rides, which might just be what you need.


Saturday– Tolero Crit (Optional – will post more details on this later in the week)


Sunday- Cyclovia (Plan on participating – mandatory – from 9am – 1pm. More details later in the week.)

12 Responses to “Week of April 1st”

  1. Collin J. Hanes

    I would like to do both the Tolero crit this Saturday and possibly the state championship crit.


  2. daniela

    Collin, I need to know for sure if you want to do the state crit. Not possibly. I have to sign you up tonight.

  3. Ben Duncan

    I, unfortunately, can’t do the Tolero crit, however, i can do the State Champs crit.

    thanks for signing us up!

  4. Maya Collier

    I would love to and can go to the Tolero Crit and State Crit Championship. Thank you!

  5. Tyler

    I would like to race the Tolero crit as a junior and a cat 4, and I would also like to race state crit. Thank you for signing us up! -Ty Dallaz

  6. Isabel Hausrath

    I can do the Telero Crit, but not az state championship.

  7. Mary Adkisson

    I would like to do the Tolero Crit and the State Crit. I will speak to Ignacio tomorrow about which categories I should ride in.-Connor

  8. Maya Collier

    I would love to and can go to the Tolero Crit and State Crit Championship. Thank you so much!