Thank you to everyone for such a great weekend.


State Road Race Great!!! I really appreciated how well everyone behaved, thus making it such an easy trip. I may have not raced great, but I had a great time.


The Scavenger Hunt? Well you were all there and it was our, biggest, best and most profitable one ever. This means we as a group can do more, travel more, and we can we can provide more to all.


Training Plan. We are going to continue to work hard this week. Everyone get mentally prepared as again we are going to continue to work hard.


Tuesday– Gila riders and Ben– Morning ride. Start at 6am. You may stage at my house.


Others we in the afternoon will be heading to Starr Pass.


Wednesday– A-Mountain repeats.


Whiskey Riders– Meeting at my house after practice. 6:30- 7:30pm


Thursday– Recovery ride.


Gila Riders- Meeting at my house after practice. 6:30- 7:30pm.


Saturday– Mt. Lemmon for all.


Sunday – Cyclovia for all – Helping from 9:30-11:30 only – just doing bike rodeo and then we will be all riding it together to enjoy the route. We will be stationed at Madera Park – Treat north of Glenn

2 Responses to “Week of April the 21st”

  1. madison

    What time are we leaving for mt. Lemmon tomorrow? From the clubhouse?