Hi all,

If anyone needs anything from the club house for the race tomorrow please contact Connor at 520-661-7250 or Ben.  We prefer not to have to make a Club House run at 0’dark thirty tomorrow so  would appreciate it if you let us know today and we can meet you there.

Damion, Sam’s dad, will be picking up our packets.  The first rider starts at 6:30am and after that another rider goes in 30 second intervals. As soon as Ignacio knows the start times he will let everyone know, however everyone should plan on being at the start at 6:30am.

The TT begins near the intersection of Snyder road and Catalina highway, and finishes 9 miles later at Seven Cataracts Overlook.  ALL PARKING, DAY OF REGISTRATION AND START LISTS AT TANQUE VERDE HIGH SCHOOL, 4201 N. MELPOMENE WAY, TUCSON 85749



6 Responses to “Mt. Lemmon Time Trial”

  1. Ben Duncan

    My number is 520-262-8014 if ya’ll need anything.

  2. Collin J. Hanes

    For tomorrow’s tt, when and where do we need to go and do.

  3. Ben Duncan

    Ok Colin (and everyone else), the first rider to go off (Newben) goes off at 7:10. if EVERYONE is at the Tanque Verde high school at 6:00 AM that gives us enough time to put our numbers on, do our own thing, and warm up. BE THERE AT 6:00 AM. I will have your numbers and your start times.

  4. madison

    Do we have practice this week?
    Thank you,