Mountain biking for all out at Fantasy Island tomorrow.


Leaving clubhouse at 6am. Arrive 15 min early to get your bike ready and loaded up.


Bring lots of water and food. The group should split up based on abilities and speed.  Chuck Helmke, Steve Bohn, and Rachel Alter will be out helping.

Please arrive on time, follow their guide, and be respectful.


Comment here if you are planning on needing a ride so we can have the trailer ready. Thanks and have fun!


5 Responses to “Sunday – fantasy island”

  1. Randie Collier

    Maya and her Dad will be going and can take 2-3 people, but no bikes (rack is full).

  2. TBC Steve

    I will be there with my truck..can take 3 riders and add’l bikes..cheers!


  3. TBC Steve

    GREAT time @ FI..thanks to all of the coaches, parent/adult support and of course the TEAM.