I hope that everyone is enjoying their break. You have all earned it and deserve to have your summer, so enjoy it.


This is a great time to catch up with friends, hang out with family, and to try different endeavors.


In fact I want you to try different things. Go hiking with friends, have a great time on your summer swim team, go to Rocks and Ropes and climb for hours. I want you to still be active and to play. Just because it is a rest period, it does not mean I want you to just sit on the couch. In fact that is the worst thing you can.


Go out and have fun. Limit screen time.


This rest period is to rest your emotions and mind, just as much as it is to rest your body. And one of the best ways to rest the mind and emotions is to go out and have fun with friends and family.


What I am hoping is that after 3 weeks of this you are so dang excited to get back  on your bike that no one will hold you back. I am trying to make you hungry to ride again. I want you to want it bad at the end of this time. If you don’t, we should talk before we start up again.


One way to get pumped is to watch the Tour de France, which started today. You can watch it on www.steephill.tv.


Not only is it exciting but you can learn a ton too. So please watch and learn and get pumped.


Also before next season starts, if you are interested in taking it to another level, please make sure that you have necessary training items in order, such as:


  • Digital watch / Garmin Heart rate monitor device – if you want to get a Garmin please contact me, so that I can help you get a great deal. Yes the Garmin product is that much better than any other heart rate monitor today.


  • Training logs or calender. If you are not documenting what you are doing and how you feel then you are not really training.


  • One excited person


I am missing all of you already and I will be spending my break learning, reading, and training to be the best coach that I can be.