We went “old school” for a week or so with the schedule. If you were not at practice this past week or if you have not had your check in meeting yet, then you might have been missing out. You should all have a schedule in hand now, or get one from us if you don’t.  Here is the info for this week again…


Sunday (tomorrow): Mountain biking at 50 year trail – LEAVING clubhouse at 6am sharp. Ignacio will not be there – please be respectful to the volunteers leading the ride.


Monday – Friday: Many of us will be consumed with our Summer Bike Camp program. We have over 40 kids aged 7-13 signed up! We are going to put the majority of our energy into running a great bike camp.  Ride into camp if you are working. Rest well. Drink lots of water.


Tuesday & Thursday – meet at clubhouse at 3pm – we will be riding to Menlo Park neighborhood pool – so bring bathing suit & towel.


NO GROUP RUN on Wednesday morning! Doesn’t mean you couldn’t go out for one on your own, though! Just too much to organize this prior to bike camp.


Saturday: Shoot Out or AM Ride – 6am


Sunday: MTB at Sweetwater – 6am







6 Responses to “Summer schedule is here…this week!”

  1. madison

    Will we be leaving from the clubhouse or do we need to get a ride to the 50year trail? 6:0?

  2. Ana

    I will not be able to go to Sweetwater. that is the day I leave to DC. Have fun everyone!

  3. Pericles

    I will be at 4th St at 5:40 am Sat 8th to assist on early or Big boy shoot out. Pericles

  4. TBC Steve

    Planning on joining in for Sweetwater fun..likely will meet ya at the trailhead if not at the clubhouse by 6:00.

  5. Ben Duncan

    If anyone is interested in riding tomorrow (El Grupo youth/coaches/parents, etc…) I’ll be riding from the clubhaus at 5am up gates pass, across to twin peaks via a fairly technical dirt road (7-10 miles long) and down twin peaks to Ina>River Path and back. Keenan and i want to go at 5 to escape the sun and heat. +/- 3 hour ride, fairly fast paced.

    Lemme know.