Everyone who is racing should get on a recovery ride. Please you must turn your legs around for at least an hour. I do not want you legs to sit still for two days. So all racers at the 24 you must turn your legs tomorrow.


You may do this on your own or with John Markley. He is going to lead a ride leaving from Pima and Swan at 6:30am. All you east siders should go on this ride if you can.


Preparing for the Trip


I would like to have everything packed up tomorrow.


I would like to do so in the afternoon.


Lets meet at the clubhouse at 3pm.


Please bring everything you will be bringing on the trip so we can pack everything, also if you don’t have something you can let me know at this time.




We will be leaving sharp at  6am. Please do not be late.


Tomorrow we will answer all other questions that come up.

2 Responses to “Wednesday and Preparing for the Trip”

  1. madison

    Is this the only option for a group ride tomorrow?

  2. daniela

    yes. unfortunately work and getting ready for the trip has taken over. Get out for a ride though!