I apologize for the lack of communication. I have a bit of slow start after vacation. I am coming around, but with Daniela not here, it feels weird to be at home.


For those going to TUSD schools, well I hope you all have great days tomorrow.


There is no practice tomorrow or Friday.


This weekend there will be rides.



A+B teams Shoot out. Do the one you do.



Yet to be determined. Possibly ride all of the Lemmon, or an adventure ride with John Markley. I do not know yet. I apologize and will get information out, as soon as I have more.


Tuesday August 6th

Regular after school practice resumes.


4:30-6pm tuesday and thursday


3:45 – 6pm Wednesday


Please make sure that both your Mountain bikes and road bikes are ready. We will be using both this year quite a bit in the fall.


Also if you have a TT bike, it really better be ready for next week.


Lastly, everyone needs to have a watch, or heart rate monitor, or power meter for practice starting the 6th. Please be prepared.



3 Responses to “Back to School”

  1. madison

    Are the c team riders riding on Saturday? For sunny were r we meeting and wht time?