Greeting everyone from warm, hot, humid, and mostly sunny Thailand. Daniela, Damiano and I are having a great time. As some of you have seen on Facebook, Daniela and I had an incredible bike tour adventure and we look forward to telling you guys all the stories.


Hunting Season

That’s what I am going to call this part of the season. This is reset time. This is the start of the 2014 season. I want us all to take the long view. Start now with focus and determination so that in the new year you are ready to have fun.


Hunting Season

This is when we set our goals and start to hunt them down. When we allow ourselves to dream and we methodically chase them down.


Please everyone in the next 2 weeks:

– Write down your goals for the next season

– make sure you at least have a digital watch or heart rate monitor

– get your head and heart prepared for a fun season


Hunting Season

Your three week break is officially over. You may go ride your bike. I hope that you are all itching to get on and that reading this is exciting. I hope that the idea of putting your kit on is thrilling. For the next 3 weeks before school just focus on getting on and riding miles. There will be no structured intervals. I want all of you to just get on, have fun, and ride.


Hopefully you can ride long endurance rides of at least 2 hours. Ideally in week one you would do x amount of hours, like 12. Then in week 2 you would do more like 15, then in week three you would do the most like 18.


That would put us just before school and then the first week of school would be a rest week. 3 weeks on and 1 week off ,rest ,is a classic training pattern.


The hours that I stated are A team hours. If you are on the A team just scale back the numbers a touch, however the training objectives are the same.


Hunting season is open!


On the calendars I gave you, I gave you all ideas for bike rides this week. These are just ideas. I do not have coaches to take you guys out, so go out with friends, family members, or call a coach.


Lastly please use this blog to communicate with each other to let each other know if and when you might be riding.


And please if you are excited to ride, I want you to post and let me know. Like really post!!!



10 Responses to “Hunting Season is Open”

  1. keenan

    VERY excited. If anyone needs there bikes from the clubhouse let me know and i can letcha in.

  2. Ana

    Deffinetaly want to get a ride in soon! I will need to get my bike, so if you can let me in, thank you!

  3. Ben Duncan

    El Grupo riders, coaches, parents, etc…
    Tomorrow (Sunday, 6am), some teammates and myself will be riding to Mount Lemmon and be riding up it. If anyone is interested in doing so, we will ride out from the clubhaus at 6am sharp and then one can do whatever amount of distance they want to when we get there.

    Lets do it! Get some hours in!

  4. Leo

    Just curious, who plans to come on the ride as of now, and how long (time) will the ride be roughly? Thanks people -Cara

  5. Ben Duncan

    Tyler, keenan, donovan (i think), connor, chloe and me. (from what i know, there may be more. probably a 1/2 hour ride out there, then however long you wanna stay on the mtn, then riding home.