I apologize for the late post about this training week.


We are building into the season to come and we are still in the early stages.


This is week 1 of a 3 week building process, which means next week will be a bit tougher, and week 3 will be the hardest. I want you all to know this so we can mentally and emotionally prepare for the work to come.


Preparing for the work to come, never really stops. To prepare we have to go to bed on time, resting is absolutely key! To prepare we have to eat smart, we have to stay hydrated all day. We have to remember to snack after school if we have an early lunch. All of these little things and others add up to big things. They allow us to enjoy riding our bikes because we are physically ready.


I know that it will be hot the next few weeks after school which means these little things are super important. This time of year we really have to focus on these things, so we can have fun.


Helpful Heat Tips


Cold water is awesome. If you want cold water freeze your bottles over night. Ice will never stay cold enough, long enough. You need to freeze your bottles over night. Insulated bottles work great and really help. Cold water really helps to cool the bodies core.


Bring a 3rd water bottle to practice. Use this one as the hosing agent. You bring this one to pour on your head.


Before you leave for practice dump a whole bottle of water on your head.


Lots of little things add up to big things— Stay cool!


 Training Plan


Tuesday– U of A crit course. We are going to practice crit turns and sprinting.


Wednesday– Team TT practice or Long ride.


Thursday– MTB fun at Short Track


Saturday– A+B teams Shoot Out.

C Team ride. 6am start. This is the c team ride for the weekend! I hope to see you all their.


Sunday– A+B team Something long and sweet, with some TTT practice. 6am start

C Team Optional Sam Birthday Ride. Sam would like to ride with all his friends on Sunday. He wants to take you all on a 34-40 mile ride which will include snacks, a water park, and other treats. He would love to have all his friends their. 6am starting at the clubhouse.


Team Meeting Sunday 5pm start at Spoke 6 (in clubhouse building)

We really hope that everyone can come. We want to get on the same page with everyone and to let you know what the fall season has in store for us. Also please bring 2 pens with you.