This is to be a fun, adventure type ride.


We are not going out to hammer, but we are headed out to just enjoy somewhere new.


I am going to leave the clubhouse around 6am.


I will pull into Udall park around 6:30am for the east side pick up.


This should put us at the base of Reddington road at around 7am.


We will have some snacks and picnic foods, however bring something along like fruit. We will be bringing lunch stuff.


We will likely ride from 7am to 10am ish and should be back at the clubhouse around noonish.


Note to the newer mountain bikers. This is an intense area to ride. This might not be for everyone. Please be prepared then to just play in waterfalls.


Also everyone please be prepared to play in the water. I will be riding with a pack and bathing suit.