Tyler, Nick, Keenan, Ben


Christian, Kyle, Connor, Leo


I am signing you guys up for the time trial for this Sunday.


This will be a practice run for the State Championship race that will be held in approximately one month.


The race is being held in Arizona City just south of Casa Grande.


Race start is 7:30am.


You all must be in the van leaving the clubhouse at 5am.


That gets you there at 6am, with enough time to warm up and get ready.




Everyone participating in this event is only allowed to go to the Bridge on Saturday. This is not up for discussion. I want you to have some juice left for Sunday.


The goal of the Sunday race is to make some mistakes and to learn some lessons.


08/28/11 AZ State Team Time Trial


I love the idea of races like this. The best team wins.


This picture is from 2 years ago, when we not only won the race, we set the record.

One Response to “Team Time Trial Practice Sunday 8/11/13”

  1. Leo

    We are leaving from the clubhouse at 6am for the mt lemmon ride on sunday, right? thanks people