THE GOOD: Something has clicked. You know who you are. You can all probably remember when it happened for you in the past. Over the past week or so it has happened to several of you riders. Something clicks, something changes for you – most often mentally – and suddenly the sky is the limit. Well, keep it up! It is so awesome to see: Ana’s smile all week from putting out some of the best effort she ever has; (New)ben’s best ride last Saturday; Isabel rocking the CTS race; Colter & Cole braving the Old Man Shootout to the bridge for the first times with ease.


The really good is about finding that limitless sky….and for Collin it was Ski Valley on Sunday. He decided to be awesome. And so he rode up to the Lemmon – shattering his previous record of reaching milepost 9 – and reached Ski Valley. All on his own. And that is what is so great about all the revelations that are happening. You are starting to find that desire, that drive, that ability and confidence within yourselves. And then, not even the sky will be the limit!


THE BAD: This past weekend our family decided to check out the new trampoline park in town that seemed like so much fun – and sure enough, it was. Kinda. Daniela counted the minutes of our hour down in hopes of leaving on the bikes we came on – without injury. Ignacio commented that this place could be his and every other coach’s worst nightmare. And sure enough, it is.


Our fellow teammate Madison had her birthday party on Saturday at the Get Air Park. She took her first jump and somehow landed wrong – on the center padding area. Her knee slammed into her face. Not only did her two front teeth break, but they also bit through her quadricep – severing it from the knee – and cracked her patella bone on the knee.


Now, take a minute to read that last sentence again. Madison and her family spent a horrendous 36+ hours in hospitals and surgery, and the recovery is going to be long. Madison cannot bend her leg for the next three weeks. Getting back on the bike will be much farther away. We hope she comes to visit us all this week so we can all give her love and fast healing wishes. It was her birthday party. Some of you were there. It was just her first jump. Totally stinks.


The BAD is that anything can go wrong at any time. However, there are some things that we can do in life to limit risk of those bad things happening. This is why we try to choose good bike routes, ride no more than two abreast when the road/traffic allows, and make smart choices while on (and off) our bikes, in general.


While we cannot tell you to not go to the trampoline park, we want to STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to think many times about what your season’s goals are and what the risk factors of wasting all your hard work on the bikes are when even considering going to this place. I don’t imagine it was FUN for the few of you (and clearly not for Madison and her family) who witnessed what Madison went through. And she is certainly not alone. The surgeon who worked on Madison mentioned he was headed into rebuilding another young man’s ankle – after his visit to the park. There are many stories already and there will be more. Please don’t be one of them!


THE UPCOMING WEEK: Practice schedule & Labor Day Weekend

Monday: Don’t forget about our Academic Support Hours for El Grupo only – 5-7pm every Monday at Spoke6


This week we will be focusing on getting ready for the Individual and Team Time Trial Championships that are coming up. The Tuesday and Wednesday practices will focus on steady state efforts while Thursdays are reserved for pure MTB fun.


Tuesday: Team Time Trial Practice. If you are riding in it, have your tt bikes ready.

All others will be doing road bike intervals.


Wednesday: Team Time Trial Practice. If you are riding in it, have your tt bikes ready.

All others will be doing road bike intervals.


Thursday: MTB short track fun.



Saturday: Regular Saturday rides – Shoot Outs for A & B; C team ride leaving clubhouse at 6am


Sunday: FUN mountain bike day out at Chiva Falls! Let’s take advantage of all this rain and a long weekend to go explore Chiva Falls trails and swimming pools. Families are encouraged to come along to either bike, hike and/or swim. We will have a group picnic out at the falls following the ride. Leaving clubhouse at 6am. Meeting at Chiva Falls at 7am. More details later in the week. ALL ARE WELCOME!


Monday/Labor Day: We will go explore Sonoita and Parker Canyon Lake for the morning. Leaving Tucson in the early AM to start a ride out in Sonoita. We will probably break into A, B, and C teams depending on who comes along for some gorgeous riding. We will plan a picnic to follow. More details later in the week.


Please check your email this week as I will be putting together a quick doodle poll to see who will be doing which rides/trips to better plan for transportation and food. It would be great if everyone could plan on making at least two of the three practices this coming holiday weekend.


3 Responses to “The Good, the Bad, & the Upcoming Week (which is not at all ugly)”

  1. Ana

    Madison is now smiling and getting her rest and recovery :). it certainly was scary to see her on the trampoline, scared. We all supported her and everyone was really nice to her as she was getting cleaned up. She says she feels better now and cannot wait to get back on her bike 😀

  2. keenan

    Madison, I hope you get well as soon as possible. Sounds like a great long weekend.

  3. madison

    Thanks all. I feel a little better but probably won’t make it to the clubhouse because I need to focus on getting to school then back home. You are welcome to visit anytime, can’t wait to get back on the bike!