Thank you everyone for coming to the team meeting. It’s always good to get together and get on the same page. I am looking forward to a  very fun Fall Semester of riding bikes.


The most important work out of this week is on Wednesday. I really hope that everyone can make this.


Tuesday– Skills at the park. We have not been to the park in a while and its always good to work on the little things.


Wednesday– Carmicheal training systems testing. The location is at the intersection of Sabino Canyon and Tanque Verde. The physical address is: 7007 E Tanque Verde Road Tucson, AZ 85715

This is a test to get our training parameters for the year. I really hope we all show up excited for this and ready. I will be leaving the clubhouse at 3:45pm with the van and trailer, and returning to the clubhouse at 6:30pm.


If there is only one work out you can make this week, please prioritize this one. Also parents this will only take 45 min max, so if you want to come and wait that is ok, and probably would be fun.


Thursday– MTB at the short track.


Saturday– A+B teams Shoot Out with more fun.

C team 6am start. Fun stuff


Sunday is still a secret at this point.

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