Saturday- A+B team Shoot Out

Old Man– 5:45am start

Big Boy- 6am start

C ride- leaving from the clubhouse 6am– SHARP. Damion will be leading the ride. It should be about 2.5 hours long.



Sunday– A+B teams. John Markley has put together an adventure ride for us. All you need is a road bike and some time. We are going to meet at 5:30am at the clubhouse and drive south to Arivaca road. We should be riding by 6:30am and the total ride will be 70 miles of rolling hills. I would suggest bringing a change of clothes for the car ride home. Also bring plenty of snacks for the day, there is also a store we will be stopping at so bring some cash if you like. We will be driving the van and trailer down.


C -Team– Mt Lemmon day. Leaving the clubhouse at 6am. If anyone wants to discuss with me about coming on the long ride. I will listen.


Training’s Purpose

Right now we are just trying to get back on the bikes and get some miles in us. We are doing this to get the bodies ready for the hard work and intervals to come. We are preping right now. We will do this for the next two weeks. We are just looking to get miles and time in us, so the body is ready.