I am motivated! I am excited! I want to continue to build this team to be the greatest thing Tucson, Pima County and Arizona have ever seen.


I am so very proud of the effort and team work from all of you over this weekend. Congratulations first to Cole, Colter, Ana, and Chloe for competing in the Mt. Graham hill climb. Each one of them brought home another podium with two of them being record breaking, state champ winning, efforts. Congratulations!!


If all goes well, you four plus more will be joining the rest of the gang at the Arizona High School Mountain bike races. It was cool. It was really cool to see 170 kids racing and having fun. It was cool to see how professionally the race was set up. It was cool to see all the teams. And yes it was cool to watch El Grupo achieve so much. Had we been able to race as a whole team, and not have to split into two, El Grupo would be in the overall lead by double the points. AMAZING!


So yes, now I dream of winning the whole league. I want to inspire you all to come together and to dream about winning the league as a team. We have worked so hard for this over the years and I want all of you to enjoy the great fruit of your labor. Every one of you out there counts and adds to the team over all. Tyler and Cara winning, of course, is cool, but every point and rider counts.




Overall currently we are in 3rd place as a team, Tucson High, and 4th place with El Grupo. We are less than 200 points down and if you race varsity just for starting you get 50 points, so we are so within reach.

Individually we had some amazing results as well. Here it goes: Freshman ladies, Cara 1st and Isabel 4th. Freshman boys Kyle 6th, sophomore boys Tyler 1st, Leo 2nd and Connor 4th, and in Varsity Boys Christian was 3rd. Everyone else had beautiful races as well and I am so very proud. It was new and hot and you all endured.



Training plan for the week: 

I work very hard on these training plans. Each and every practice has a great purpose. Not one is more important than the other. In fact, each practice needs the next and the previous to work in harmony. I create these plans with great attendance in mind. Of course, I want perfect attendance all the time. That makes me coach. Of course, I want everyone to be super eager all the time, that makes me coach. Of course I never want you to get sick or have too much homework, that makes me coach. But life is life and sometimes does not allow it. But I do dream of a team were every kid puts El Grupo as # 3.


Strength training at the Park. Come in PE clothes. No jean shorts, you may wear spandies down low, not up top. Full kits are not allowed. Have running shoes on.

If you are a rider that is unable to come on Wednesdays then you are going to do Wednesdays workout today.


5 x 3 min VO2 max intervals. As we spoke last week, emotionally and mentally prepare for this work out. It is going to good hurt. You must be ready!!


Himmel Park races. Cyclocross or Mountain bikes ok. No dismounting.


Shoot outs or morning rides


PLUS: We need a few of you to help with a skills workshop with JR. El Tour kids. Teaching them bike handling skills up at Brandi Fenton park. Burritos on El Grupo if you do. Please let us know (COMMENT) if you will make it. Following QUICK! breakfast at house post rides – ride to Brandi Fenton by 10:15. Skills from 10:15-11:15. Then we feed you again. Not bad, huh?!




This weeks question: Gatorade is what?

Watch the video below for the answer.



16 Responses to “First week of October is here!”

  1. sam A.

    That recovery protein Gatorade at the High school mountain bike race was more like a “Puke”itive than a thirst aid.

  2. daniela

    Nick – they are not wrong. You have to actually watch the video. That is the key!

  3. sam A.

    What time is Saturday practice? I will be coming to Brandy Fenton also.