We will be LEAVING the club house at 6:30am Please Please Please be there 10-15 mins early to prep your water bottles and bikes! <3 Fancy Cycling, 1901

6 Responses to “Colin’s Saturday Ride”

  1. sam A.

    We Have missed you and want to ride with you, but considering that the whole team is racing the next day, are we really having this ride?

  2. daniela

    There are plenty of riders that are not in high school and therefore will be looking for a good ride on Saturday, and any others that want to spin the legs prepping for either the Mt. Graham Hill Climb or the AZ High School MTB races on Sunday. Welcome back Colin!

  3. TBC Steve

    Colin-glad you are back in the mix. Watch out, the C-team kids are starting to show some road-worthy swagger!