Ana, Colter, Cole and Chloe I am signing the four of you up to race. If for whatever reason I should not please post and let me know.


As of now John Markley is going to be taking you guys out there.


He would like for you all to meet at the intersection of Broadway and Swan on Sunday morning at 4:30am. He will be at the South east corner of the intersection in the parking lot of a large ACE hardware. He drives a late 90’s redish Subaru station wagon.


I will make sure to give him all of your licences however you will need to print out and sign the USA cycling waiver form that I will hyper link to at the end of this post.


The race starts at 8am so if you leave on time you should be there by 6:30am which should give you plenty of time to get ready. After the race John will not be sticking around for awards so you should get back to town at a good time.


I will provide you guys with a good box of food and other racing product, GU’s and Gatorade.


I would suggest that on the drive you wear comfortable clothes that you can then change into after the race. So pack smart, I want you all to have a fun and comfortable trip.

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