This week and next we are going to be focusing on our Time Trial skills. Two weeks from now is the Individual State Champs event while this coming weekend is the Team Trial State Champs event.


Tuesday– Time Trial Skills practice at U of A Crit course.


Wednesday– Team Time Trial practice on Mission road.

All others TT practice on your road bikes.


Thursday– Time trial practice. No mountain biking this week.


Saturday– Those riding in the event on Sunday you have two choices:

1) Go on your own recovery type ride 1 hour.

2) Ride the shoot to the bridge and then chill on the way back.

Choose the one that you think will help you be at your best for Sunday.


Those who are not riding in the event:

B Team: Old Man Shoot Out.

C Team: Team ride.


Sunday– Team Time Trial Championships. I will of course have a lot more information about this soon.


Others: Time Trial Practice.