Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!! This Sunday and this Sunday only – El Grupo has the opportunity to take advantage of some amazing training being offered for FREE at O2 Modern Fitness. This is the ONLY time all month that it has been free that makes sense for us to do this, and you will feel major gains from it! Trust me!


Sunday, 3pm at O2 downtown – meet there. Wear running shoes and cycling clothes. Your bikes will not be needed, but a small towel and water bottle will be.


The 50 minute class is called SuperCYCL: Free for September only – New Concept Class combining InCYCL and HIIT in fast dynamic sets for those who love a challenge!


And for those who have spoken with me recently about it – yes, this is the class you do with no seat on the bike!! It is awesome!


Build strength, improve your form on the bike, and double up this Sunday only for a great cross training opportunity. Your body will thank you later!


PLEASE COMMENT here if you are planning on attending so I can give O2 a heads up about how many of us will be going. Very open to parents going. Know that this will be a VERY CHALLENGING CLASS. As mandatory as we can make it for A team, and open to others courageous enough to try it!

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