Congratulations to Connor, Chloe, Logan, and Nick for making the tri-fecta of practices this weekend. I am sure you are feeling the good rewards for your labor.



As you all know and as our School Policy reads: El Grupo at best can only ever be # 3 in your lives. I will not ever change my stance on that. School and Family are always 1+2 in our lives.


I say this because I hope that El Grupo is #3. I know that I ask a lot of you physically, mentally and emotionally and the time and effort that you all put in is special and it should be commended. However, you are not special. There are thousands of kids in this city alone that take their sports seriously and put the time in as well. If you swam at Ford Aquatics and were on the elite team you would be asked to attend 7-9 practices a week. If you were on the Pueblo High cross country team you would be asked to make 5 practices a week and one on early Saturday mornings. If you were on Max’s row team you would be asked to make 10 plus practices a week. So yes – what you all do is awesome. But it is not greater or better than what so many other kids do.


When I was in high school, I had a full slate of AP classes, I was captain of my swim team, and I was able to have a full social life. How? Time management. Yes it is tough, but I know that it is doable. Not just in my generation, but in yours as well. Max is now attending the University of Wisconsin and is on the Row team and he took super hard classes. Getting a head start on learning how to manage your time now in high school (when things are “easy”) can only help you as you move on to college and working life.


If you want it, you can do it. What you do is great, but it is not different than what thousands of other kids do. You are all just as great!



Why the High School MTB league?

Yes, El Grupo is super excited to participate in and support the high school mtb league because it has the same mission as El Grupo. To get more kids excited about bikes and to then use them for positive changes in their lives.  Any group or organization that wants to get more kids on bikes, or just people, is a friend of El Grupo’s. When we started there were hardly any juniors at all racing and just about no other team. The sport is growing now and there are more teams, and now we have a high school league, so things are going in the right direction. We want to help that, grow that, and nurture that. The high school team to many kids might be what El Grupo is to you. So lets support others.


Practice Schedule

Tuesday– A Team tempo ride. Fixed loop. Not too hard but steady. This is to get us ready for the next day.

B+C team. VO2 max intervals. 4x3min. You must have a watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday– A Team power test with David. We will be swapping wheels and power meters for this.

B+C team. Endurance ride out to Coyote Pass.


Thursday– Barrio trails fun. 2x 10 min races.


Saturday– High school mtb riders. Sleep in or ride to the bridge. Just be ready to leave on time per the email.

Non- High school riders– Colin Holmes will be leading a C Team ride.  Yeah! Colin is back!

Sunday– High school mtb race. Check your email. We leave on Saturday. Camping. Fun times.

Others will be off to the Mt Graham hill climb. Chloe, Cole, Colter, and Ana I want you to participate in this if you can. Please post if you would like to go.



You must respond to this post by Wednesday afternoon to ride. I need to know that this works as a source of communication. I have faith that you can all comment. If on Wednesday afternoon at practice you have not responded I will have you do homework at the clubhouse. Also in your comment please give me the answer to 5+2.


P.S. Had you read and commented on the blog last week regarding your participation at Sunday’s special O2 class, we would not have had to stress out one of our great supporters with a more accurate head count. It was great that you all showed up, but it was not great that we had no way of knowing that you were going to. COMMENT. Takes a second. If it is not working, then figure out another way to communicate…i.e. small portable device found in your pocket/bag!


Bonus: this documentary is coming to the Loft on a night we might not be able to make because of a race, but worth seeing the great film trailer anyway




20 Responses to “Week of September 23rd”

  1. Nick Harris

    Have fun hill climb racers kick butt! Make shure your bike is in good working order before hand.

  2. Nick Harris

    ben you got it all wrong its 5+2=9 god man get it right. take a good math class!

  3. sam A.

    The answer is the number that 6 was afraid of because it 8 9.
    Yay, Collin is back meaning more rides to saguaro east for the C team!

  4. kyle

    I love the mention of time management and supporting other kids to ride bikes!
    Michelle helmke

  5. Ben S.

    int x = 5;
    int y = 2;
    System.out.println(x + y);



    Ha, that does 2+5 for me! (If this was to compile the Java)

  6. Lanning Household

    ben i didnt know you knew java
    thats css by the way