Those riding in the Team Time Trial do what you need to do to get ready for the event. Some of you will want some intensity, some of you will not. Do what you think will help you be most ready. Please let me know what your choice is.

All Team TT racers please be at my house at approx. 9am for a study session on the event, that is normal breakfast time.


After breakfast lets make sure that everything is packed in the trailer and ready to go for the morning, bikes, trainers, everything. I want all race wheels identified early so we are not scrounging on Sunday morning.


Old Man Shoot Out Riders- Chloe, Cole, Colter, Cara. We are riding the whole thing all the way around, having fun and taking good chances.


C Team– Daniela has a good one for you lined up. Be ready to go at 6am sharp.




Team Trial Racers

We go off at 7am.

We need to be there on site at 5:15am.

We need to leave town then at 4:30am sharp.

That is why the trailer will be packed on Friday and Saturday, so you can just arrive in the am and get some more rest in the van.


I hope we do not get home to late from this, heck we could be back by noon if things go well.


Non TTT Riders


There will be a ride leaving the clubhouse at 6am heading for Mt. Lemmon. I would like to see a big crew doubling up this weekend.


By going to Mt Lemmon we can continue to get ready for the Mt. Graham hill climb, which is a State Champ event, and riding the mountain is a great way to get a consistent effort that mimics a time trial.


Let’s have a great weekend!!



One Response to “Weekend of the 7+8th”

  1. MarkMandel

    The 2013 team of riders are the strongest I’ve ever seen in my three years of El Grupo association. The TT teams will do well tomorrow! The riders that have been doing the ‘early’ shootout have been awesome – you known who you are! I’ve also heard from Daniela the C team of riders are coming along great! Keep up the good stuff everyone. And remember, El Grupo is not just about bikes – it’s about you!!