It will be a little chillier this weekend than last so please pack smart.

2013 High school MTB
Riders ALL MUST have submitted their paper work or you must bring it.
Consult your pit zone log in if you need to.
Camping Stuff Hygiene
Sleeping bag tooth brush
sleeping mat tooth paste
tent sunscreen
headlamp hand towel/washcloth
alarm clock/ digital watch
Riding Clothes Camping Clothes
Team Jersey– we have it
Xtra practice jersey- Your El Grupo Jersey
 1 bandana 1 long pants
1 long sleeve shirts
long finger gloves– NICAS mandatory 3 socks
2 riding shorts bandana
helmet 1 t-shirts
sunglasses– NICA mandatory  1 sweat shirt
riding hat
Eating Stuffs Racing Stuff
to be carried in pack
You must bring a Saturday lunch. at the start of each lap
We will provide snacks in the car. 1 tubes
We will provide Saturday dinner,
Sunday bfast, lunch and snacks. cell phone
Also we have all race fuel. tire levers
multi tool w/ chain tool
You must have everything on this list accounted for before you leave for the race. Coaches and
some of the other parents have extra gear so please ask for it, if you do not have something.
All of this stuff must fit into one normal size duffel bag. It should. If it doesn’t, look at your
chosen stuff and I bet you can down size some. Of course I am not including your tent and
sleeping bag/mat in the duffel bag.
Be smart about your gear selection and ASK FOR HELP if needed.  




MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR NICA PAPER WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We will be leaving on Saturday mid morning at 11am. This will be sharp leaving time. Please make sure that you have all your stuff and you are ready, like your bike and shoes would be a great start.


High school racers. I recommend that you sleep in. When we get to the venue we will ride a practice lap and do some openers. So sleep in and get ready.


B team that is not in High school. Chloe and Cole we will ride the Old Man Shoot Out. 6:15am start.


C team saturday. Colin will be taking you out on a good one. So please be prepared.


Sunday- Chloe and Cole I will be contacting John Markley to to you guys out on a ride. Everyone else Saturday will be big enough that a Sunday rest will be nice.


Here is a video from the last race: httpv://



This is just a cool race. Please watch it and tell me who wins.


5 Responses to “High School Race #2 notes and C team info”

  1. Tyler

    Dear Nacho,

    The last three riders had aero helmets.


  2. sam A.

    Laura Trott, From GBR. Great Britan.
    I though That Sarah Hammer was going keep the front the whole time and win. Great sprint tactics.