19th Saturday


A riders– Big Boy Shoot out 6:30am

B Riders– Old Man Shoot Out 6:15 am

C riders- Colins ride to Saguaro east 6:30am


Kidicall mass at 10am.


After the shoot out, as always, everyone is invited to the house for snacks and review of the days ride. We arrive back at the house at approx. 9am. We should then leave my house prompt at 9:30am to drive to broadway and craycroft for the event. I will be driving the van and trailer so we will make it on time. Bring a change of clothes so you are in normal clothes for the event. We should be done by 11am ish. If you like from their you can ride home or I of course will be driving back into town.


I hope all can make it and that other family members come as well. Kidicall mass is a fun bicycle parade for families and kids with the intent of getting families excited to ride. We partner with the Living Streets Alliance organization to help put this on. www.livingstreetsalliance.org


C team riders. You might end up at the event. Colin I think is planning on having you guys just ride to the event. However if it ends up that you come back into town, then things are the same. See you at 9am at my house. 


Sunday October 20th


C team– Ana, KJ, Unai, Isabelle, Collin Hanes, Newben. Mountain bike ride.

Rachel Alter and Steve Bohn will be leading the ride and meeting riders at 6:30am at the clubhouse. They are going to drive to Fantasy Island and they will be at the Valencia trail head at 7am ish. They will be back at approx. 10am ish. Please bring spare tubes, 2 water bottles each and bars/gels!


Thanks Steve and Rachel


A and B team riders. 6:30am start at the clubhouse


El Tour Prep ride. We are going to be riding 85ish miles on Sunday. This will not be a super hard ride, just long and endurance paced. There will be a store stop and plenty of food at my house at the end. Come prepared for a fun day in the saddle with a lot of special guests. We are going to be rolling 20 plus deep, as many El Grupo supporters are going to be joining us. So please come prepared to talk with folks you may have never met.


Give your mother a kiss or_____________________________?


13 Responses to “October 19th and 20th”

  1. Nick Harris

    I’ll kick your teeth in you wee bastard! your head is like sputnik! he will cry himself to sleep on his huge pillow! Coach I appreciate that and so did my dad. see ya tomorrow.

  2. TBC Steve

    OMG, that video is hilarious! See all of the designated mtb bikers @ the clubhouse! Parents are welcome to join us if the want. REMEMBER we are starting from the BUNNY TRAIL on the south side, not the normal Irvington Rd trailhead. Mellow and fun, will work up to other stuff as we see fit..