Well, what a great weekend. I am very proud of the whole group. Everyone doubled up and went big and bad. Thank you for the energy. The more love and effort you guys put it, the more energy and I love I can give.


Big Shout Outs: Isabelle- First on Saturday you were the best teammate in the world and you rode Madison home when she was hurt. Then you on Sunday you rode your biggest, longest, hardest ride ever and hung with the A+B team.


Shoot Out Shout outs: Tyler 2nd, Nick 4th and Logan 8th. That is right 3 top 10′ s in one shoot out. Just awesome.


And just before on the Old Man Kyle made it around for his first time, while Chloe won for the ladies. We are on our way as a team and I am pumped.


Since this weekend was huge and we have a mountain bike race this weekend, we are going to have one intense effort this week with a lot of rest around it.


Tuesday– Yoga with Daniela at the park. Please everyone come. This is important to me that we all learn to come into ourselves.


Wednesday– If you come on these days then you are going out for intense Under over intervals. Please come prepared for this day mentally and emotionally it will be hard.


Thursday– If you are a Wednesday rider then today will be a recovery ride.


If you are not a Wednesday rider then you are going out to do the intervals. BE prepared.


Saturday– Colin Ride leaves at 7AM. TIME CHANGE!!


Saturday Mountain bike riders we are leaving at 9am. It is going to be crazy cold, so I will be posting a new gear list.


What city?



What country wins?


12 Responses to “Week of October 21st”

  1. daniela

    Tyler you win the first full length all white skin suit. it’s all yours.

  2. Nick Harris

    Spatula city Spatula city Spatula city Spatula city oooooooooooooo amazing. ……….. I wish the kiwis won but it was Columbia. They were so searious..