High School Mountain Bike season is upon us and we want to be ready for it. These next few weeks I am focusing our training so we have the strength to compete at these events and it will allow us to have fun at the cross races as well.


All practices will be held at regular times. If you are working bike camp this will give you plenty of time to get ready and rest. Please nap and rest after camp so that you can have quality work outs. I will be upset if you show up to practice not ready to put in a solid effort. So please eat, drink and rest after camp. You may hang at my house if you need or want.


Tuesday- Cross fit at the park. Same as last week mostly. However I will be running to the park if anyone wants to join me.

If you do not come to Wednesday Practices or your name is Chloe or Daniel: You will be heading to Starr Pass again for VO2 max intervals. Or you could do these at A Mountain. Your choice.


Wednesday- VO2 intervals. Please come emotionally and physically prepared for these, eat and drink well.


Thursday- MTB races at Himmel park.


Saturday- High School MTB races we will be leaving in the mid morning again to camp. Please look at the last posts packing list for instructions. Nothing changes logistically from last event.


Non-High School MTB races:

B team– Old Man Shoot Out

C Team- Colin’s ride


Sunday– I am going to find someone to take you guys out mountain biking, non high school kids that is.


This weeks question: What country do the winners of both bike races come from?



7 Responses to “Week of October 7th”

  1. Lanning Household

    I won’t be at workout tomorrow. But I will be there Wednesday and Thursday. Cole

  2. sam A.

    I think that the country was dutch. I cannot be at Tuesday practice for a mandatory choir concert. Because I cannot come wednesdays I will Do VO2 Intervals with my dad before the concert.

  3. Ana

    Dutch. i will most likely be there all week 😀 sounds like a great week

  4. sam A.

    If it isn’t Dutch then it is the Flag of Holland.The country was Holland.