Holy Smokes we won!! We Won!! We won the High school MTb race over the weekend. What we won was the overall team category. It was very cool for sure. I am very proud of every one who raced and super thankful to all the volunteers who came out to support the team. We can not do it without the help and love of the families and friends, so thank you so very much.


These last few weeks have been tough on the High school kids with the weekend races and the hard training so we are going to have a solid recovery week this week for them.


If you are in middle school then I am going to have ride options for you if you are not one of the kids who ride the shoot out. So Cole really this is for you, you are taking the rest week with us, while the rest of the kids will be pedaling.


Recovery weeks are when you get stronger. It is in this time that the body is able to rebuild itself and get stronger. So take it seriously. This week is just as important as the hard pedaling weeks.


Tuesday– Restorative Yoga at the park. Please come prepared.

Middle School riders- Endurance Road Ride. Colter included.


Wednesday- Recovery Loop Ride. All teams together.


Thursday- Play time at the park on Mountain bikes. We will go to Himmel and practice hole shots, others will be racing, while others are learning to climb out of the saddle.


Saturday– A team big boy shoot out.

B Team old man shoot out.

C Team Colins ride.

After the ride we will be helping out at a Kidical Mass event. More info to come on this, but it is on the east side. I will drive to the event and I will have mad food for all after your morning rides.


Sunday– El Tour long ride prep. It will not be a hard ride in intensity, but a long ride to prepare us for El Tour.


This weeks video:



What is the name of this race. Please post!!


Fun video of the week: This is a clip from the biggest movie of 1984. Forget about the drinking and smoking which back then for high school kids apparently was ok according to Hollywood. I think this is so funny because of a video that Ben Duncan put up about his crash. Ben this is why I thought your video was funny.



20 Responses to “Week of October the 14th”

  1. Tyler

    UCI MTB World Cup

    & nacho you know who should teach how to climb out of the saddle.

  2. madison

    The movie is Footloose and I’ll be there as best as I can be this week.

  3. tylers mom aka rane

    The 80’s rocked in just about every way, This was old school parkour.

  4. ConDog

    Ever been so mad that you just felt like dancing and doing gymnastics in a warehouse?